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Words of Praise for Anne Mary and PawPawrazzi

from a few of our pawesome clients.


  • "Holeeee Wow!" was the text I sent my friend after I left my photo-viewing session with Anne Mary. She truly goes above and beyond in every aspect.  After a lovely afternoon on the beach, both my dog, Sachi and myself were totally charmed. We had a lovely few hours; Anne really knows how to bring out the best in your dog and how to capture different facets of their personality. ..when it comes to choosing which pictures are favorites, it is really hard - they are all unique, heartfelt and delightful! ~ Catherine Leavitt


We had Anne Mary come and take pictures of our cat, Boiler, and dog, Bella.  She came to our house and did the photoshoot in our backyard, which was awesome so they both were in their normal environment and very comfortable.  We were so pleased with the results! She caught moments of Bella that we have never been able to catch in photos before. We can't wait to order more pictures! Highly recommended! ~ Francisco Z.


  • Where do I start??  Anne Mary, you are SO great to work with.  You have a special way with animals and the images you capture are simply magical.  Steve and I LOVE our photo book, "Newton Pride," and how the photos show all the personalities of our little darlings.  It brought tears to our eyes, and is definitely something we will cherish for the rest of our lives.  Thank you so very much!!  ~ Susie Newton


Anne... Thank you so much for a WONDERFUL experience. I love ALL of the pictures you took. I can't believe some of what you captured. The expression and emotion in the pictures are amazing.  I found it joyfully challenging to only pick my favorites... because they are all my favorites!!! Thanks again. I will be referring you!

Love and Blessings, Kelly (and Drake)


  • Anne Mary is a true professional. The photos sell themselves. The dogs had a great experience. The people even more so. Thank you so much. ~ Rachelle Schindler


omg.. the book is AMAZING!! and the portrait.. omg!  thank you so much for our anniversary gift.. it is the perfect size for the perfect spot and already in its home!!  we love it! and we love you!! thank you thank you!!  the close up of guinness in that book made me cry.. and the sunset shadow one with us kissing and guinness ....WOW!  i dont even remember seeing that one before!! you rock! XXXOOO! ~ Wendy Olwell


  • Dear Anne Mary, The pictures you took of Tim and Ollie captured them both in a moment of joy that was startling on Ollie's face and even Tim was smiling -- rarely have I ever been able to catch both of them looking at the camera at the same time. And they are always on the move, never still. Great job!  ~ Dr Kathleen Damiani 


Hi Anne!!! I LOVED THE SESSION WITH YOU!!!! You made it fun and comfortable for all of us.  My baby girl adored you so much!!! We had the best time. ALL the photos we awesome and I totally had a hard time picking out what I wanted without putting me in the poor house...LOL. Will certinaly do this again and have highly recomended you to all my dog peeps! ~ Augsustina


  • Anne Mary captures the moment without interruption or awkward posing. She took the best pictures of my dog and I that I have ever seen.....all while we were in motion, playing and fully enjoying ourselves on our walk.               ~ Lisa Joakimides, Lisa's Luscious Kitchen.


Anne Mary is a professional through and through. We are so pleased with her photography; she went way beyond our expectations until she captured everything we asked for and more. She is an amazing photographer and excellent with animals - so very patient and creative. She works with you to find out what you want and then works with your pets until she has achieved perfection. Thank you Anne Mary for capturing our pets forever at play.~ Sandra Hughes


  • You capture the heart and soul of our beloved babies! Sweet sweet memories so glad you captured our girls! Thank you for what you do!      ~ A Johnson


Hi Anne, I just want you to know that I got the pictures and photo book and I'm speechless! It's beautiful. It made me cry hysterically but it's truly beautiful and I will treasure it forever and ever more than words can say from the bottom of my heart. I miss him so much everyday feels like such a challenge without him I just don't know how to mend this broken heart. I just wish my tears and pain were enough to bring him back but it's not happening. Thank you for the most special remembrance of my Bearsy  ~ Gina Hawk.


  • We just spent a wonderful afternoon picking out pawtraits of our pack and having so much fun!!! Anne is so creative, understanding and caring. I can't begin to say how much talent this lady has!! Thank you so much for you dedication to the animal kingdom and for being such a grrreat arrrtteesstt! ~ Annie J. Ballenberg


She's really nice, and we had a great time at our photo shoot at the beach. It was hard to choose what photos to purchase because we liked each one. She works with you and asks what you prefer. It's cool she specializes in pet photography. She knows how to incorporate animals and not just humans. Check out her website and contact her. ~ Oscar M.


  • Anne, Just wanted to say thanks again so very much for coming to our Mutt Lynch Dog Days of Summer 2013 event and photographing everything. Having you there really made the event! Brenda loved the photos that you took so I hope we can book something with you for one of our events in the fall. From the bottom of our hearts, everyone at Mutt Lynch Winery thanks you very much. You are awesome!  ~ Deborah J. Halbert, Big DAWG Comm., Mutt Lynch Winery


Thanks!  I loved the photos of all my babies – you did a GREAT job! ~ Lisa Clowdus


  • Chabot Space & Science CenterI wanted to tell you that our team has seen the pictures from the event and are WOW-ed and AMAZED!!!  You really did a pawesome job! Thank you so much for participating in our event.  Cheers! ~Ashley Prosoki, Public Programs Coordinator, Chabot Space and Science Center.


Thanks Anne. You are so talented and are such a nice person. Thank you for the wonderful images of my little Cricket.~ Linda Correll


  • "Anne, you are UNBELIEVABLE!!!  I told my boys that the minute they met you they would feel like they knew you all their lives, and you went beyond that, and showed that to my dog!!!  You are so talented.  I have recommended you to many friends and there will be many more to come when we get the pictures printed!  Thank you SO much, you are truly wonderful!" ~ Mary Harrison


"Anne you are a horrible, horrible person for doing this to me! Every single photograph is an incredible moment. You capture the many "looks" of my little man and his bestie Finn! I'm going to have to do some hard thinking and possibly sell my car to purchase as many of these as possible. I think the joy of that morning is evident in every shot. Such happiness!"  ~ Linda Messitt   


  • Hi Anne,Wow!  Thank you so much for putting Broki's picture on the cover of your Facebook page.  That was very kind of you. By the way, my Mom loved the photo of Broki  & Of course she cried. It looked fantastic. She was so excited she didn't want to wait for Mother's Day to open the gift.  She had a premonition of what it might be and wanted to see it right away & didn't waste any time putting up the frame in the house.  The whole family thought the photo was beautiful!  Thank you again Anne! ~ Sonia Bellotti


Thanks so much for coming all the way to my home and photographing my furkids! I am so happy with the photos that it was very difficult to choose. Your buddy, Mason, had a fab time being the star of the show. :) I have friends with pets and I would definitely recommend you in the future. It's easy to see how much you enjoy what you do!  ~ Lika Sertik


  • Anne was so amazing with our dogs! Absolutely beautiful pictures. It was so hard to pick out our favorites. Anne is really interested in what you want from your pets and your pictures, and her bubbly personality really makes for an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend Pawpawrazzi!     ~ Marci Yaeger


We got our first view of the pictures Anne took of our 3 dogs and they were amazing! We didn't realize just how beautiful our "kids" were and Anne got some unbelievable photos of all 3 of them together - her patience paid off!     ~ Sharon Yaeger


  • We had the great pleasure of having Anne take our doggies photos. Everything from the fabulous setting to her personality and the way she worked with us to get a wide range of shots was easy, relaxed and collaborative. I tend to have some knowledge of photography and so I came into the appointment with a clear idea of what I wanted, and Anne was most willing to work with us to satisfy my needs and ideas, while also building on those plans with very good ideas of her own.  Anne took charge when needed and made all of us, most especially our doggie feel comfortable and taken care of.The results were more than I hoped & I especially appreciated the time she took in working with us....... I heartily recommend Anne and PawPawrazzi Pet Photography to anyone that is interested in having some great pictures taken of their pets! ~ Martha McCaffrey


The finished portraits are way beyond my expectations.  Anne captured all the physical attributes of my Lucy.  The close-ups are awesome.  The arrangements and sizes of the portraits that Anne suggested are a perfect display of Anne's artistic talent.  My portraits of Lucy and myself are proudly displayed on a wall in my home that only adds to the perfection of the end product as well as Anne's ability as a sensitive, talented, creative artist.          ~ Sandy Reimche


  • Your pics are fabulous.  I am so glad that you are following your dream and know that you will find happiness in doing what you love.  Your joy in what you do is evident in the pictures.  Keep up the great work!!            ~ Linda Perez


Anne, you are a wonderful photographer and a beautiful person to know.  You talent and passion  makes a fantastic combination.   ~ Melinda B.


  •  I have never seen someone with such an ability to capture the true soul and personality of animals. In their eyes, their canine smiles, and their mouse-stalking kitty eyes. Anne has a true talent, without question.It's a perfect way to preserve your best friend! ~ Christine Tuohy, Photographer - Blue World Photos



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