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What IS a Pawtrait Rendezvous you ask?  

Good question!  



I've worked in studios where I've had portrait sittings, sessions and shoots.  And to be fair, most of my subjects aren't always sitting. Calling it a session makes it feel like I need a sofa and for you to tell me about your childhood. And saying that I'm going to shoot your dog or horse, just never sounds right!   (Yes, I am silly.  You might as well know that about me now.

I find it helps folks find their natural smiles.) 



And besides, it's not just the finished pawtrait, I want you and your furriends to have a dog gone grrreat time too. Yes, you read that right.  I want you to have fun!


The older I get, the more I realize that precious and few are the moments we get to spend with our pets just having fun.  Or relaxing together as we stroll through paradise.  Whatever it is that makes you and your pets really happy, (cause pets don't "fake it", just one of the things I love about them).  It's the memories of such moments that mean the most in our lives.  It's far more than just "having your pet's picture taken", it's a Pawtrait Rendezvous! 



Your personalized Pawtrait Rendezvous includes a Pre-consult where we discuss your wants and ideas. Charting our course around your pets personality & the fun is on!  We walk, cavort, rest and play while capturing the moment, their unique personality and the connection you share.  


No muss, no fuss, no stress.  Just tons of LOVE & FUN, TREATS & PRAISE!

 I am a firm believer in my clients and subjects having fun and being relaxed while providing top notch service and quality images.  You may rest assured you are in great hands.  After all, an animal doesn't have their pawtrait taken every day and we want to capture their sweet face for you to treasure furrever.  



When was the last time you had a Rendezvous?  


Anne Mary Schaefer,  Artiste.Activist.Author.Owner

707.888.0828    Cell/Text me at 510.862.4649




PawPawrazzi Pet Photography Where Your Pets Are the Stars!
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