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Giant Kites were flying high at the Point Arena Lighthouse's Annual Wind and Whale Celebration!

Wind, Check!

Berkeley Kite Wranglers' giant kites filled the sky Here, a Trilobite is about to devour the Lighthouse!

Whales, Check! A beautiful blue sky day on Saturday out at the Point Arena Lighthouse!

Can you see the whale spout?

Party Poodle Bandit is all smiles!

Love that smile Cardigan Corgi puppy, Carter!

Everywhere you looked were people, pups & poppets smiling for the PawPawrazzi!

To see more, view my album,

"Wind and Whale Celebration"

Giant Blue Whale, Red Octopus kites flying in blue sky

To purchase a print of your smiling pup or poppet...

Or, if you're so impressed with what I was able to capture quickly and easily in a distracting environment, &

want to book a session, shoot me a quick message here. Or, email me directly at:

As always, I hope you enjoyed my perspectives on this fun coastal event.

Blessed Be my fellow animal lover!

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