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My clients say the nicest things. 💖

Elliot Bartz reviewed PawPawrazzi Pet Photography — 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I had the pleasure of working with Anne Mary on a surprise birthday present for my lovely lady after learning about PawPawrazzi Pet Photography through a referral. Let me simply say that I was nothing short of amazed. Anne drove 7 hours round trip from her home in Manchester to our place in Redwood City. We spent several hours taking hundreds of pictures all over our apartment in different lighting, using different positioning and lots of catnip.

Eye on the Mouse

Anne really has a way with animals and was able to coax my scared little rescue kitty into some really adorable pictures, which was apparent in the digital library that she shared shortly after our kitty rendezvous.

But the real treat was the finished product. The photo book that we received was impeccable and fulfilled everything that I was looking for in this surprise gift. It is very professionally arranged with just the right amount of wit and tact. It made my girlfriend very happy (she cried when she looked through it the first time) and we know that this is a gift that we will keep forever.

Thank you so much! I very highly recommend your services and will be sure to tell all my friends and family."

Thank mew Elliot, I appreciate your pawesome review so much! ​

It was my sincere pleasure meeting you and your sweet little puddy tat, Nikolai kitteh. (Though, it was an added challenged that your HOA decided to cut down trees that morning before I arrived! Nothing like chainsaws and wood chippers to help relax a cat, HA!)

But, along with your pawesome catitude and patient kitteh wrangling Elliot, we were able to calm & soothe Nikolai, to bring him out of his shell and help him be immortalized in art form. Success! Thank you again for adopting, you're a genuine RESCUE HERO in my book!

I adore what I do. And kind words like these are the cake on the icing of my work. People's animal companions mean so much to them, and I understand how challenging it can be to capture photographs of their pets that does them justice.

This. This right here is another reason why I do what I do.

It's a service of the heart. 💖

From my heart to yours, via Art.

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