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🐾 My Best Tips for Christmas Tree 🎄 and Cat 🐱 successful cohabitation!

Let's face it, a glittering Christmas tree with ornaments that flutter and twinkle, from your Cat's perspective, looks like a GIANT CAT TOY that you've brought into their territory! And, if it's a real tree, smells like the great outdoors and the unknown. All of these things are quite intriguing and stimulating to your kitty cat! Which is a good thing... until the attacks begin. LOL

So, with that said, after a lifetime spent with many different kitteh companions and a tree every year; here are my best tips for saving your sanity, your tree, and quite pawsibly, your cat's life.

A. Anchor top of tree firmly to a beam or wall via fishing line. If you place it behind, once your tree is decorated and the lights are lit, it won't even be noticeable. But it will help your tree stay upright in case a curious climbing kitteh decides to explore.

B: Leave tree up in stand and un-decorated for a few days so that they can explore it and then get bored with it.

C: When you decorate, KNOW that they are going to want to bat at the ornaments... And rather than stress and constantly telling them "no".. which is patently useless. ;) Place any non-breakable ornaments along the bottom third of the tree... I've found that the little faux apples and bows are charming and when they bat them off of the tree, no harm's done. You can put them back on and everyone wins! Cat had fun. Tree is intact, nothing broken, yay!

D: Never put preservatives in the water because many kittehs & doggies find tree water irresistibly delicious... and since you know they're going to want to do it, rather than waste your time shooing them away from the tree (because what kid doesn't want what you DON'T want them to get into?).. you ALL get to spend your time peacefully... and isn't that what it's all about? Love, Joy, Peace & Harmony?

It's my hope that these tips help you and your kittehs to have a happy pawliday season!

.For more pet fun and tips, Join my Pride of pet loving peeps; Like my PawPawrazzi Pet Photography FB page today.

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