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These ARE the good old days

When I reach out to someone and offer to take photographs of their pets and they tell me that they "just don't see a need for it." That is, of course, their right. But, I don't seem to know how to tell them in a meaningful way.. that when I do reach out, it's because I'm being literally nudged by Spirit and my Muses to do so.

I am very in tune, my timing is usually spot on and I have flashes of insight that often border on paranormal.. it can disconcert or reassure folks. And now to hear that the very dog I offered to photograph less than a month ago has suddenly passed over the Rainbow Bridge makes me sad beyond belief.

People don't know they need a thing until they have it and then they wonder how they got along without it.

My pawtraits are like that.

I have so many clients that have literally cried with joy when they see their kids' pawtraits captured...

who've written me letters telling me how much their beloved pets pawtraits mean to them, or how much they have comforted them since their pets have passed over The Rainbow Bridge</