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A Conduit for the Light

I sincerely feel like I have been called to the work I do.

Allow me to try and explain with this photograph and it's story.

Black Lab "Broki" was a rescue and his human dad died tragically far too young. So Broki was adopted by his human's sister and her husband.

In our pre-consult, I asked Sonja what she most wanted to see when she looked at the finished pawtraits.

She said, "the love my brother had for him & the love he has for my brother and our family".

Tall order. But, I understood that Broki was the only living being who'd loved her brother as much as she had. Her connection to him.

I always do my very best to make manifest your dreams.

So, please look at this image closer and you'll see Sonya and Phillip reflected in Broki's eye to the right .. and the light is forming an actual heart in his other eye.

No tricks or edits. I was only trying to capture a look of love for his family. while making sure that the lower half of his jaw that was missing (he lost it to cancer) wasn't in frame.

Spirit helped me fill in the light filled heart.

And I believe that animals can see Spirits.

Still gives me goosebumps.

Yep... called to do this work that few can do.

To capture and honor our best furriends lives and love.

Because our pets love us unconditionally.


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