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Mendocino Inspirations

It's My First Exhibit!


Moments of Beauty during my first year

of living on the MendoNoma Coast

Ever since I was five years old, I wanted to live where the trees meet the ocean. A little over a year ago, that dream became a reality, when I moved me, my furr kids (two dogs & 3 cats, all rescues) and my business up here from the Bay Area to the MendoNoma Coast. It's just a few short hours north, but a world away in natural beauty.

I love taking photographs so much, that when I'm not doing it for my living, I'm doing it for my own soul's edification. I can't help myself when a moment has perfect light; because for me, It's all about the Light. The Light within and the Light without.

Visiting here is one thing, but getting to live here every day is a Blessing I hold most dear and allows me wonderful opportunities to capture light and life filled moments.

Every image in this exhibit was taken during the last year.

See the Gallery containing all 19 of my original