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Every Summer Has a Story.

Take the time to make some Summer Memories.

This is five month old Yellow Labrador puppy, House M.D. Such a wonderful age.. still so puppyish with boundless energy and hints of the BIG BOY he's going to so rapidly grow into being!

Isn't he adorpawble?!

Good boy House puppers!

In our Pre-Consult, mom had requested running on the beach (check!) and kisses pics (check!). I adore this one of House giving her sweet kisses while they were in the creek.

And sometimes surprise kisses are the most fun of all! Am I right? I think so! Because I sincerely want my clients to have FUN and experience the JOY of just being with their best friend in a beautiful and natural place. It makes for happy moments like this one. Just looking at this picture make ME smile. Or, is it just me? I don't think so, I'll bet you smiled too.

Have I mentioned lately that I love, love, LOVE what I do?

It's so true.

Dogs and cats grow up and age through their life spans, sometimes it seems, in the blink of an eye. I'm so