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John Lennon & Johnny Depp both said it ... and they were right.

"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

Isn't that the truth?! I'd originally "planned" on writing this blog last weekend, but life has a funny way of reminding you what's important, doesn't it?

But first, let me back up to last Friday, July 3. I went down to the Point Arena Cove to enjoy the festivities for the 4th of July celebration.




It was a great crowd, lots of happy kids and the air of anticipation was thick...


Live music was jammin'.


The fog bank was holding steady off shore!


The fireworks off of the end of the pier were awesome. What is it about fireworks that brings out the kid in all of us? The smiles surrounding me made the night bright as day to my mind's eye and heart. I especially loved the ones that went off on the surface of the water, they reminded me of the Pirates of the Carribean.

As a recent transplant to Mendocino spending her first 4th of July here, I was so utterly charmed by the whole experience. Point Arena wisely closes the Port Road to traffic. So it's wide open for everyone to stroll down to the cove. I must say that I greatly prefer no congested traffic and being surrounded by happy people in a social stroll for the festivites! It does great things for the ambiance of the evening.

Then, on Saturday, the 4th of July, Point Arena put on their Independence Day Parade.


My kids and I were there with a whole lot of other cutie patootie doggies too. You know me, I can't resist a cute pup!



Love that smile....

and this cool art car.



Gotta love a parade that has Goddesses flashing peace signs


and Pony tails too, FTW!


Dogs + Jeeps = Pawesome!


Ever buy Organic Valley milk products? Yep, they're my neighbors! It's not just gorgeous here on the MendoNoma Coast... it's organic and the air smells sooo sweet.


A happy milk calf from Organic Valley Farm.


I love the details of antique cars. Here is an etched window panel with the flower vase on the dash visible through the glass.

So, like I said at the beginning of this blog post, life is what happens whilst you're busy making other plans. I had planned on taking the rest of the Holiday weekend off, to enjoy, bbq and write my blog... but... after the parade, through a series of serendipitous moments and meetings, my call was answered. You see, I truly feel called to do what I do. To capture moments for people to treasure forever. Lives are so precious and sometimes, sadly, all too brief.

Such was the case on the 4th of July. When a dear friend of a friend of a friend, who's doctors prognosis wasn't good...who had invited friends and family to visit whilst life, light and the days were good, Would I be available to document their gathering and visitors? I could either selfishly tell them, "it's my Holiday & planned day off".... or... I could realize the sanctity of their request. No one plans an illness, timing is everything and Life is precious. These Moments we share here matter. Of course, I acquiesed. How could I not? So, dear reader.... instead of working on my blog, it took a back seat to what really matters, life. I spent Sat & Sun shooting and the rest of the week, editing like the wind.. because I'd been told that time was of the essence.

After all, the love we have and share in the here and now is all we ever really have, when you think about it.


I'm so happy that we met and that I didn't hesitate, they seized the moment and we captured truly beautiful moments and interludes. 'Cause the only thing better than making you smile, is seeing you cry with joy when you see your pictures.

I hope you will call me soon.

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