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PawPawrazzi On the Prowl, Once upon a time...

Firstly, I'm a lot like you. I'm a working woman, with a crazy-busy life and a mild coffee addiction. I love, love, love my dogs and cats and I follow them around with my camera, hoping to photograph every adorpawble little detail of their lives. I also love to putter in my garden and go on beach sunset walkies almost daily. *When I can remember to stop working, I love what I do, but I hate it when I miss a sunset!

And, like many women, I struggle with how fast time seems to fly by. That’s one of the reasons I’m so in love with photography. It lets me freeze all those beautiful moments that whiz by too fast! And so, when a client tells me, ‘I just want to get some portraits taken before he loses that puppy face. Or, ‘I can’t believe how fast my little fuzzy girl is growing!’ I totally get it. Or, "He's getting up there in years and his muzzle is turning white", I get that, too. And I especially get it when someone says, ‘I feel awful—it’s been six years since our last family photo! And we've never had one with our pets!" :(

So call me. We’ll plan your session, we’ll have a great time, and you’ll love your pets pawtraits! 707.888.0828 & 510.862.4649

And now, since this is the second installment of my first Blog and all, I thought I would tell you a bit about how my story all began. Follow me along to see how I got here, taking pawtraits of pets in paradise on the MendoNoma Coast!

Once upon a time, way back in the 90's, there was a frustrated artiste masquerading as an Executive Administrative Assistant to the Medical Directors of a very well known and prestigious Bay Area Medical Group. Nice digs, great people to work with. But challenging? Soul satisfying? Ummmm.. not so much.

Then the bottom fell out of the economy .. downsizing... and soon there was no work to be had.

I never worked harder than I did trying to FIND work. Not easy, especially because my heart was no longer in it.. I had an unnamed ache.

Meanwhile, my whole life, I've loved photography. Always had a camera. Took pictures of everything. Animals. Landscapes. Plants. People. Architecture, Waves, Clouds, Sunsets. You name it. I had the bug!


When one day, I had a bit of an epiphany. If I was going to work so hard just looking for work.. why not do it for myself? But how? Ahhhh.. that's the eternal question, now isn't it just? But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Ok.. so.. no new job anywhere.. resumes disappear into the abyss that is the Web... WHAT would I REALLY like to do for work? In my heart of hearts? No brain weasels, be quiet with your self-doubts and nevermind that I only have paid admin experience for the last 10 years.. WHAT would I REALLY, REALLY like to do? In my heart of hearts? How could I make a difference in people's lives? What could I do???!! GAH

I had no freaking clue. But, rent and bills to be paid and furr kids to feed so... I did a 180 and got a job as a Chauffeur! Kept things rolling while I tried to figure out my life. Wow.. what an education that turned out to be. And in more ways than I ever could have foretold. Kept me employed and busy, but also gave me lots of time to people watch and listen.. and think. And the stories.. whooo boyo, the things folks do in limousines.

When one day, on my day off as I was taking a photograph of my cat


I thought. Wait a tic.. I have a good eye.. and I LOVE taking pictures... what about this? What about being a professional photographer?


Could I really do that? But.. HOW?!!!!

How the heck do I get from where I'm at,

to doing what do I love most, and getting paid for it?

Ahhhh. that I will tell you dear reader.

Next time!


So call me. We’ll plan your session, we’ll have a great time, and you’ll love your pets pawtraits! 707.888.0828 & 510.862.4649

Or, Contact me here today, I'd love to hear all about your furry little loves. :) & Yes, Yes, I am that friend that is always happy to hear about your pet!

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