It's my new Blog! PawPawrazzi On the Prowl

Thank you Lord for hearing and answering my prayers.


To celebrate PawPawrazzi Pet Photography going into our fourth year of business, I've decided to at long last start a blog. So you can get to know me, my motivations and passions for animals, art and the light a bit better.

For years I toiled in studios, learning, honing, learning my craft. Photography is so much more than just "taking a picture". There's posing , stacking, forced perspective, rule of thirds, flow posing, depth of field, frame inventory, composition, helping your clients to feel at ease, relax and smile naturally, customer service, etc.,etc. and lighting. Oh! The lighting! Using faux backdrops and lights... so many lights.. all desperately trying to create "perfect" or "clean" light. Hair lights, background lights, key lights, main lights, you name it.. we could light it. lol

And I would dream.. as I left the beautiful, naturally lit outside world..and trudged through the store.. down.. down into the basement.. to the far corner where they always seemed to put the studios.. lest any "dirty" light infiltrate the dim din....

I would dream of one day photographing my favorite subjects... the COMPLETE family.. which to me, in my mind, means it includes your pets! I swear to you that no family portrait ever looks right to me if I know you have pets, but they're not included.


I would dream of photographing peeps and their pets in real, natural, gorgeous places.


(Lisa Joakimides of Lisa's Luscious Kitchen and her girl Lili at Schooner Gulch)

Of sharing the joy, beauty and wonder of our world and of them and their place in it. Of recording those precious moments.


Because when all is said and done, all we really ever possess is this exact moment.. and the memories of others.

So thank you Lord and all the powers of the Universe... because now I am living my dream!


Amazing. Blessed. Thankful.

Wanted to take a few moments to express my profound gratitude to you my friends and fans of my work.

In future Blog posts, I'll be sharing with you more insights, Pro Tips, some of my environmental photography and from time to time; I'll also be highlighting different wonderful dog friendly places to go and play and stay here on the magical MendoNoma Coast. So close to the Bay Area, but worlds away in natural beauty.

So, keep dreaming people...and above all else, especially when it's darkest, keep on believing and keeping on.

Speaking of's time to Carpe this Diem. ;)

Onward! WOOF!

Kiwi popsicle

Pssssst... Want to escape the Summer Heat?! Contact me today to arrange your pet's cool coastal Pawtrait Rendezvous in paradise!

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