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  • LOVES:    Walks, his sister Brigitte Barkdot & his kittehs Degas, Enya and Henri Meowtisse. Squirrels, walkies, agility, beaches, dancing, giving kisses and being a "Royal Dog" at Renaissance Faires!  Basically going everywhere & doing everything Anne Mary does.


HOBBIES:     Modeling for Pawtraits

MOTTO:       "Life is good when you are loved"


"I rescued Leo and He rescued me right back!

Pure, unconditional, no holds barred, cuddly, tail wagging, walking, romping, cavorting and just plain doggone happy to be alive together love!  Leo reminds me every day of how sweet life is when you love and are loved by a Dog."     ~ Anne Mary Schaefer




While living happily with my cats, I began to ache for a doggy in my life again. (R.I.P. Cody boy) When one day, on ABC 7 Friday's Perfect Pet segment,  I saw Leo and with just one look at his wee face she knew in an instant it was puppy love at first sight!  


He'd been rescued.  Found in Madera, California, running down the road with a 20 foot metal cable tied around his little throat!  Poor wee fella!  The Marin Humane Society had taken him in, so off to Marin I went.  


He had issues (who doesn't?) and was also completely untrained.  But adopting Leo is one of the highlights of my life!  We attended obedience classes together  at San Lorenzo Dog Training where he learned to communicate and be a model doggy citizen. (We highly recommend a basic obedience class.  Dogs are like kids and puppy peer pressure works!) 


Leo loves to do agility and he ’s so smart that it ’s always fun to watch him learn new things! He also visits retirement communities and assisted care facilities where he gives love, kisses and smiles all around! If you've met me socially, you've probably met Leo. He's my little Buddy, Best Furriend and Inspiration who patiently lets me take his pics, which I can never resist doing because he ’s so doggone cute!

Good boy Leo!!! ♥


PawPawrazzi Pet Photography Official Mascot


NAME:           Leonardo da Doggio,    AKA: Leo

BREED:          PapiKees(Papillion/Keeshond) Rescue!

ADOPTED:    From the Marin Humane Society

TITLE:            Muse & Official PawPawrazzi Mascot

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