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D'awww.. Aren't you nice?! 

You want to give someone you love a unique and completely wonderful gift! 


  You know they LOVE, love, (did I mention Love?) their pets

Being a good friend, you also know that they've always wanted really

pawesome pictures of their best little furriends, but How?

Where?  Who?  Most of all, When?

We all mean to get around to it, "one of these days"

and then the next thing you know, years have passed.

Moments and opportunities for beautiful memories pass away, lost forever, never to return.

Unless, someone smart like YOU gives your beloved pet owner a gift like no other!


The Gift of what they've always secretly (or not so secretly) longed for. 

Precious moments spent in paradise with their pets. 

Relaxing or walking, playing on the beach or quiet sunset moments.

Doing nothing in particular and having an absolutely fabulous time doing it.

Together with their best friend, captured in images they can treasure forever.  

Because Moments Matter.  

It's why I do what I do.

Give a lovely Gft Certificate

for an On-Location Environmental Pawtrait Rendezvous

An escape from the day-to-day grind into fun and happy land with their pets!




More questions?  Or, would like a different Gift Certificate amount?

Simply give me a call at 707.888.0828 or 510.862.4649.  

Or shoot me a message via my contact form,

I'd be happy to help.

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