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  • Can I be included in some of the portraits?

Of course! You can be in as many portraits as you would like, this is YOUR Personal Pet's Pawtrait Rendezvous!  AND, unlike many pet photographers, I have more than a decade of professional human portrait experience.. sooo.. not only will your pet look good, you will too!  But have no illusions, no matter how cute you may be, your pet WILL totally upstage you.  

  • Ummm...  My pet  needs to stay on a lead... How ’s that going to work?

Not a problem.  If you prefer not to see the lead, we can either pose around it or it can be Photoshopped out if you so desire.  Keep in mind, that if you are going to want the lead removed from a lot of your portraits, there will be extra fees to cover the significant amount of time this takes.


  • What if the weather is bad the day of our scheduled Pawtrait Rendezvous?

Good Question!  We will contact you the day before if it looks like the weather is not going to cooperate for our Rendezvous.  Rain outs happen so we will play it by ear. If necessary we can reschedule for another time.


  • Do you work in a studio?

No. In my experience pets feel far more comfortable, at ease and look better when they are in natural surroundings.  We can, if you are interested in a more formal, traditionally studio styled portrait, bring the studio to you.  We will provide & set up a mobile, more formal portraiture session at your location.*


 PLEASE NOTE: Many pets do not feel at all comfortable with the flashes and confinement and thus are extremely difficult to photograph in this manner.  If your pet is in this category, we will not proceed as we in no way wish to ever traumatize your pet  we may need to switch to an outdoor Rendezvous. Photographer's decision is final and will be based upon years of experience and observance of animal behaviors and will be in the pets best interest at any & all times during our Pawtrait Rendezvous.


  • I think I still may have a few questions....

Pawesome! Please feel free to contact me at 707-888-0828 or 510~862~4649.  We can set up an appointment to go over the details of your personalized Pawtrait Rendezvous over the phone.  I want you and your pets to feel comfortable and to know that all of your questions have been answered, your needs and wants addressed.   

Anne Mary Schaefer,  Artiste.Activist.Author.Owner


707.888.0828    Cell/Text me at 510.862.4649


Thank you for visiting PawPawrazzi Pet Photography 

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To schedule your own Pawtrait Rendezvous

please call us today to check availability

at 707-888-0828 or 510~862~4649

or you're also welcome to email me at: with any inquiries.


*Additional fees apply

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