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Ala Carte Price list

With a variety of Pawtrait Print Products available to suit you and your home's personal aesthetic, style and taste.

Gallery Wrapped
Canvas Prints

Transform your space with your favorite Pawtraits from your Rendezvous, printed on "Gallery Wrapped Canvas" means it's ready to hang .Special Giclee "fine art" protective coating for UV light protection, Prevents fading and cracking. Easy to clean

12 x 16      $300,             Framed  $420


16 x 20      $375,             Framed $495


18 x 24      $420,             Framed $540


16 x 32      $520,             Framed $640


20 x 30      $620,             Framed $740


Have us professionally frame your canvas print to add a touch of elegance and create a long lasting, beautiful Pawtrait masterpiece.


Each sleek modern black finish frame is individually hand assembled by professionals in California.

MetalPix Emblazed Pawtraits

Get a sleek & vibrant look with your photo printed on Metal!!  Each MetalPix is finished on a rigid but light-weight 22 gauge thick metal sheet, cut to your designated size.


1. Your photo is printed on industrial transfer sheets.


2. The photo sheet is then pressed to metal at 400 degrees using specialized machines. This transforms the ink into gas and transfers the photo 'into' the metal.


3. The finished product is a beautiful & seamless metal print with deep vibrant colors.


You'll love the color vibrancy you get from a print on Metal. Turn your photo into a borderless metal piece of art today. 


Available in a wider range of Landscape, Portrait, Square and Panoramic sizes


You'll love the color vibrancy you get from a print on Metal. Turn your photo into a borderless metal piece of art today. Easily cleaned with just a sponge/cloth  and water


Custom Pawtrait Coffee Table Books


Our most popular selling item by far!


Had so much fun and so many pawesome Pawtraits from your Rendezvous to ever pawsibly choose? 


Then a Custom Pawtrait Coffee Table Book is the purrrfect answer!


Printed on thick, bright white archival paper 30 page minimum base book (15 double sided) Up to maximum of 100 pages  11.25" x 8.75" size 

$100 per page, per side, includes design and layout


12"x12" Size Features Full Photo Cover

$150 per page, per side, includes design and layout

Driftwood Frame

Add a completely unique touch to your Coastal Pawtrait with a hand crafted MendoNoma Driftwood Frame created especially for your Pawtrait by the Artiste, Anne Mary. No two ever alike! Adds the finishing touch to your time together by tying in driftwood from the beach! Available for Pawtrait Canvas Prints up to 18” x 24”.  Priced at just $250 per frame.


Rock'n Pawtraits!
Table-Top Slates

Slates are a great and creative way to display your favorite photo on a table-top or desk. With a vintage-esque photo look, no two rocks are cut the same so you can be sure your Slate will be both personal and unique.


Your photo won't chip off or fade over time, so you can be sure your slate will look good for a very long time. The dimensions of each rock are approximate. Your slate may be slightly smaller or larger due to variations in size from rock to rock. Please note that due to the unique slate surface your image is applied to, it may appear with a vintage-esque like filter.  


These table-top Slate Photos add weight to your art, (literally!) and are perfect for desks & counter displays


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